In our latest addition of “5 Mins With…” we were able to catch up with the longest serving buyer for Beams Japan, Terry Ellis. Beams Japan is known to be one of the pioneers of Japanese fashion and it is safe to say that Mr. Ellis may have played a slight role in upholding their high standing reputation. Having served as a buyer for 20+ years with the company, he not only lends his buying expertise in men’s and women’s fashion, but also handles furniture and textiles, as well as design and crafts. Below we have a brief interview with Mr. Ellis and what he is up to these days.

SLAMXHYPE / What is your current location?

Terry Ellis / Tokyo

SLAMXHYPE / What are you reading?

Terry Ellis / The Diaries of James Lees-Milne; King of Vintage by Rin Tanaka

SLAMXHYPE / What are you listening to?

Terry Ellis / Old timey Calypso; ‘woe is me’ blues; roots rock reggae; 90’s hip-hop; Kanye & Hov

SLAMXHYPE / Favourite artist?

Terry Ellis / Japanese potter and Mingei movement pioneer Shoji Hamada

SLAMXHYPE / Favourite movie?

Terry Ellis / Animal House; Rockers; The Memphis Belle ( original version ). Great clothe in all 3 movies

SLAMXHYPE / I am influenced by…

Terry Ellis / The Internet, I’m ashamed to say

SLAMXHYPE / Do your parents understand what your job is?

Terry Ellis / Up to a point, but I can’t stop them telling people I’m a designer

SLAMXHYPE / What do you eat for breakfast?

Terry Ellis / fermented bean curd, toast, tea, an apple

SLAMXHYPE / Favourite thing to do in your city?

Terry Ellis / Shopping for vintage clothes & Pot hunting in Craft shops

SLAMXHYPE / What’s something people might not know about you?

Terry Ellis / I was born left handed, but it was ‘corrected’… Not sure what effect that has had on my psyche, but I would have been a better cricketer if I was still a leftie

SLAMXHYPE / What are you working on this week?

Terry Ellis / fennica after hooded sweatshirts for FW 12 in collaboration with SANCA designer Frankie Maruyama

On behalf of Slamxhype, thank you for your time.