NEXUSVII(R) founder and designer Tomohiro Konno is the latest name to answer a few of my questions as part of our ‘5 Mins With…’ series. With the label set to make a huge impression with there forthcoming collection that coincides with there 10th anniversary, there is more than enough evidence of Konno’s talent.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favourite thing about where you live?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Very convenient location where I can run some errands with many shops and offices around.

SLAMXHYPE / Your favourite store in your city?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Vintage stores such as Ber Ber Jin

SLAMXHYPE / What are three items you don’t leave home without?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Cell, Bandana, and wallet

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favourite holiday location?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Nothing particular, maybe my hometown Chiba

SLAMXHYPE / One place you really desire to visit?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Have too many in my mind and can’t pick one.

SLAMXHYPE / What are the worst trends around today?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Very loud and flashy loose fashion, especially on guys.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best thing to come out in 2011 to date?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / NEXUSVII Vintage Aloha series

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the must have item for you for FW2011?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Functional clothes with high spec fabric such as GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER®

SLAMXHYPE / What are you reading?


SLAMXHYPE / What are you listening to?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Diggin series by DJ MURO

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best film you have seen in the last year?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / I haven’t had much chance to check out story base movies but I’ve been watching DVDs by Kenneth Anger and Jack Smith

SLAMXHYPE / Your favourite website?


SLAMXHYPE / What influences you on a daily basis?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Vintage clothes and antiques

SLAMXHYPE / What will you do after this interview?

TOMOHIRO KONNO / Get back to work