West coast based brand Mister has been making waves in the industry since its inception only a few years ago. Owner and designer Tom Do prides himself on its American made goods and lasting styles of classic cuts, colors and serious attention to detail. In this edition of “5 Mins With…” we had the pleasure of catching up with Tom Do to see what the brand is all about.

SLAMXHYPE / Who are you? Introduce yourself and your brand.

Tom Do / My name is Tom Do, and I am the head designer for Mr. I was born and raised here in San Francisco, and received a degree in mechanical engineering in 04’. I worked in the engineering industry for a bit, until I eventually left to pursue my real passion, fashion. The brand is a reflection of what inspires me most, including all that I identify with as an individual, as well as, as a lover of all things art and fashion. My technical degree has afforded me a bit of a unique perspective on what it is to create, and I think it plays a major role in my designs as well. Artistic yet precise, I think that is what I try to do.

SLAMXHYPE / What can we expect for 2012?

Tom Do / For 2012 and Mr., you can expect a lot of expansion into our accessories, as well as getting in to some custom denim. I plan to do more work with leather, as well as some really unique and masculine all terrain wear that I’m really excited about. We anticipate this being a good year for us, I’m really looking forward to it!

SLAMXHYPE / What’s up with all the new accessories?

Tom Do / The new accessories are going to be awesome. We’ve been playing a lot with alloy metals, leather, denim and natural stones, which we plan to continue with and are looking in to other types of materials to work with here in the future. We plan to release new clasps for our beaded bracelets shortly, as well as some really dope stone inlay work that can be worn in avariety of different ways. Keep an eye out for our upcoming accessories. You won’t be disappointed!

SLAMXHYPE / What exactly is the Full Circle Campaign?

Tom Do / The Full Circle Campaign is really about the revolution of finances, resources and success on the local level. Our pieces are designed here in San Francisco; produced by local workers, distributed from our local warehouse, and then with a portion of the earnings we provide, once again, back to the community through donations and charitable work. We have made it part of our mission to be conscious of our social responsibility and give back as much as we can

SLAMXHYPE / Talk about the Battle of the Bay Charity Project and your involvement in that as well.

Tom Do / The Battle of the Bay was a charity project that Mr.contributed to with the help of Hypebeast Senior Editor, Luis Ruano. The money collected, was donated to multiple charities, one in particular, being the Children’s hospital of Oakland. HUF, Upper Playground, The Brooklyn Circus and others contributed to the project as well, and I think we were able to help out some of the less fortunate during Christmas. Giving back was really what it was all about, and I think we did a great job in accomplishing that.

SLAMXHYPE / You guys are heavy on details. What are some original aspects that we’ll see from your brand that we can’t find anywhere else?

Tom Do / What we try to do is take the cleanest silhouettes, and most classic looks and pieces, and transform them in to Mr. We have specific leather detailing, contrast fabrics and a fit that was developed from scratch. The Brand under went this slow, sort of, metamorphosis, which has given you the final project that you see today. I have put an endless amount of time and myself in to Mr., and I can always promise to all my customers, that my design will never be merely a regurgitation of the most obvious or trendy, but a twist of modernity on to classics that can be a part of ones wardrobe for years.

SLAMXHYPE / Last words?

Tom Do / Ah! As much as I’d love to come up with something really profound and unforgettable, I think I’ll just leave that to the pros. Happy 2012!