fabrics3Wally Salner and Johannes Schweiger are the collaborative brains behind ____fabrics interseason. Their projects, performances, collections and presentations are based upon concepts that are developed from an intensive body of research of socio-political discourses and phenomena. ____fabrics interseason are interested in codes, which are manifested in individual and collective clothing patterns, and in identity-generating values and their readability. The collections do not only function as the analysis of these codes and the analysis of a life within the surface (with all their socio-political implications), but because of their wearability, they also infiltrate an exclusive and highly individual lifestyle by deliberately proclaiming a critical or political stance. The explorative and innovative method used in regards to fabrics, textiles and fashion not only happens on a ‘superficial’ level – the main interests are set on the content and life within a surface.

Tell us about ____fabrics interseason. What is the philosophy behind the brand and how did it begin?

When we finished our studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (in graphics, painting and new media) we collaborated on Sabotage Communications’ Cash-Perfume project. We didn’t have any fixed plan on where we would take our collaboration from there. Our interest in design and further fashion with all its social implications was a driving force, but there was always our strong connection to and background in the fine arts, and the possibility and necessity to discuss and state the various concepts and issues behind every project and collection within a contemporary fine art context. The combination of creating an art piece or doing exhibitions in museums and galleries, and further producing a collection of garments and accessories twice a year, seemed to be a challenging working method for us as cultural entrepreneurs. That might not have been an easy target, and it’s still not always understood by many people, but for us it was the only way of working on ____fabrics interseason’s idea of ‘cultural work with a surplus value’. The influence of art on fashion, and vice versa, might lie in sharing and reflecting social layers – at least the way we’re doing art, and the way we’re doing fashion and design in general. The interest in the ‘surface’ of things, and further the life within this surface – either the social, political or designed skin of whatever structure – could be the main concept of our work. It is not really about deconstructing established values, but more about making diverse codes transparent with our own (visual) language…

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