INTERVIEWOK1We first heard about a pending project by our friends at Blends to push forward the message of Made In USA a while back, as posted, this week saw the release of the first product release from this range, a denim collaboration with RRL. This product release is part of a much bigger project, and a meaningful project at that, sending a strong message. This isn’t your normal capsule collection or collaboration but a part of a product collection based around something much bigger than the product itself. We spoke to Tak Kato about the project, to get a better understanding of where it comes from.

What was the inspiration behind the whole Made In USA Project?

The idea came from Renaissance which was as a cultural movement that encompassed a resurgence of the past.
The term Made in USA and products made in the USA were thought to be of the highest quality for long time however, because of the free enterprise system in the market , many manufactures moved their production overseas and they began to focus quantity rather than quality. With the current economic hardships the US is facing, we felt this would be a great time to recognize the American worker and reintroduce the high quality of product that the American workers can produce. We wanted to show there are still many companies who have continued to maintain US production facillites. It is very much a Renaissance movement.

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