Our Blogger Le Messie has truly become the embodiment of the creative. While continuing to progress his False label, which now includes 3 lines, False, Better Off Dead, as well as Fallacy of Rome, an collaborative capsule collection with good friend Lupe Fiasco, he has joined the aforementioned Lupe as 1/4 of the band Japanese Cartoon. With the release of his latest batch of creations I felt it was as good of a time as any to catch up with Le Messie to once again dive into his creative process, inspirations, and everything else False.

Interview: Anthony Coleman

Since the early days of FALSE till today the label has seen great expansion under its umbrella. With so many pushes in different directions what are your thoughts on the differentiating factors of each label?
LE MESSIE / It was an organic growth that brought about the direction to move towards the multi-label platform. We run a very unorthodox business module, more art based by nature than anything else. We do what we want and feel, when we want and feel. We don’t work with seasonal buying and distribution time-frames, we don’t participate in trade shows and we don’t follow any on going trends or work with agents / pr firms etc.. Where other brands grew into full collections and branched out towards different markets, we saw our growth towards maintaining our visions from the very get go, quality over quantity hand-screened, finished and crafted goods all 90% virtually integrated at our own FALSE H.Q. The multi-label platform allowed us to diversify our creative and artistic works towards different angles yet still being grounded under a unifying theme of anarcho counter culture and anti-establishment.

SLAMXHYPE / How have you managed to adhere to the hand made approach to production FALSE is known for with such great expansion in a relatively short time frame?
LE MESSIE / We tend to be a little choosier with our retailers internationally, choosing only to work with boutiques that understand the ethos and value of our brand and hands-on approach. We also work at a pace we can handle and never take on more than we can chew. We run 90% vertically integrated at the FALSE H.Q with virtually every single product passing through my lovely wife Amanda S. and my very own hands. We spend most of our time doing things we love and it’s a blessing that the things we love put food on our table.

SLAMXHYPE / The label has always had a very provocative approach to its design aesthetic which could alienate a great amount of the general consumer base. What are your thoughts on the label’s underground appeal?
LE MESSIE / It’s truly what it is; we don’t strategize for success or towards a particular demographic. We do what we do imbued in our beliefs and we put it out there, the work attracts its own following. We don’t look to appeal to a broader general audience which is very evident in my works and that’s the way I’m truly blessed to have it be. I try my best personally not to create labels (be it underground) but it’s great having a loyal following that understand the product and message, that choose to consume out of intellect and their own independent nature than the trend wheel we get fed ever so often.

SLAMXHYPE / Could you give us a bit of insight into the inspiration behind your current offerings?
LE MESSIE / Original Anarchist is one of the loudest we’ve had to date. Based on the Intellectual, Creative & Spiritual Anarchists mind-set and inspired by my teachings from the various scholars in each school of thought ie Chomsky, Anton, etc. It’s obvious in this day and age as Mick Jagger said, “Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope”. I’ve always in the past masked my works and anti-rebel messages through various cryptic graphics, I guess it’s just natural progression to lean towards your true nature, I like to look at FALSE as not just a brand but an organic movement with a mind of it’s own and I’ve learnt to let it be free in its own right. I find my very nature drawn towards the rebel mind with its view on life and society, not the destructive path but the productive one.

SLAMXHYPE / Once a general theme has been decided what is your approach to the development of the creative we see as final pieces?
LE MESSIE / I kind of just pull it out of the air really, it’s like there’s this greater designer in the clouds that incepts thought-forms into our minds and we get to working. Most of my works happen without much planning at all, I try to adopt as much of an artistic path and let the universe guide me. Some season’s I go through 4 – 5 full body’s of work before I finalize on the right release.

SLAMXHYPE / What are some of your personal favorite pieces from the current line?
LE MESSIE / I’ve been wearing the FALSE – ANARCHY T’Shirt and O/A Rebels to death but I love them all, they share equal wear-time!

SLAMXHYPE / We see the label reach once again outside of its usual tops to include a few more pieces for your supporters. Will there be a time where we see a complete FALSE collection?
LE MESSIE / Perhaps in the future but because everything will be hand-made by us the pivotal pieces in the collection will most likely be of an extremely low run. Perhaps over the next 12 – 18 mths, who knows, we’ll have to go with the flow and let the universe guide us.

SLAMXHYPE / What is next in the progression of FALSE?
LE MESSIE / We’ve really been enjoying the lifestyle and accessory hands on work we’ve been doing so at present I’ll have to say hand-made Lifestyle Goods and Accessories.

SLAMXHYPE / Any closing remarks?
LE MESSIE / Not really but I’d love to leave you with a quote from the brilliant A.O Spare that’s synonymous with the essence of FALSE and it’s growth over the years..
“It was the straying that found the path direct.” –Austin Osman Spare

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