With Nike continuing to collaborate with artists and designers on their global Flyknit Collective initiative, the New York launch saw an installation by Jenny Sabin. The body, or more specifically the body in motion — pure performance itself — is the starting point of Sabin’s New York collaboration. Using Nike+ FuelBand technology to collect motion data from a community of runners during an earlier Nike Flyknit workshop, Sabin — in collaboration with the runners — transformed the patterns of this biological data into the warp and weft of knitted structure, based on prototypes developed during the previous workshop sessions. The surface patterns are generated by that dynamic body data via 3D modeling environments.

The myThread Pavilion is the result of this collaboration, with a harder outside construction and softer, organic inner material. With an outer layer of sustainable knitted, solar active, reflective photo luminescent threads and a woven steel cable net, the simplicity of knitted geometries meets the complexity of a body in motion. An inner layer of soft textile based triaixial knits absorbs, collects and delivers light as the materials react to the presence of people. This interaction amplifies the hidden qualities of the pavilion, embodying the learnings of each workshop as well as the story of Nike Flyknit.

Linking biology and innovation, technology and tradition, this is an analog representation of not just the benefits of Nike Flyknit, but also the activities and performance of the individuals that went into its making. This installation’s adaptable sensitivity and flexibility mirrors the human form. It is its own environment, its own community and its own energy.