GIFT GUIDE | Hunting and Collecting

The latest in in our Gift Guide Series is from our good friends in Belgium, Hunting and Collecting. One of our favourite stores, mixing classics with more fashion ready looks, a great assortment of accessories and lifestyle products and always amazing in store art direction.

iCade – game console for iPad by Ion 145€
Pom Pom Band Shirt by Christopher Shannon 252€
DVD ‘Safe’ 19.99€ (available on request)
Polaroid films Impossible Project 22€
Arrow by Frederick&Mae 95€ (available on request)

Woolen Pattern Beanie by White Mountaineering 126€
Woolen Pattern Sweater by White Mountainerring 410€
White Double Pocket Polo Collar Shirt by Marni 239€
Diamond Light by Eric Therner 32€ (available on request)
Flying Fuck remote controlled helicopter 34€ (available on request)
Mint Candle by Kitsuné 42€
Tokyo Compressed Revisited by Michael Wolf 22.99€ (available on request)

New Tirol Wings by Diemme 335€
Tapis tote/backpack by PAM 215€ (available on request)
Computer leather case by Antiatoms 135€
Leather Belt by Peter Jensen 45€ (available on request)
Woolen Knit Officer Tricot by Bleu De Paname 249€
Pajama Shirt by Dana Lee 165€
Yellow Fluo Vase 85€