I love the aesthetic and branding of Le Labo. Can you tell us about the ideas behind the packaging and its qualities?

Design services the brand and its statement, and our design does that it lets the perfume have all of the attention.

How did Le Labo come about? Why did you feel you needed to create another fragrance brand for the existing market?

We realised that we were running for others, and that running for yourself was something we wanted to experiment with before it was too late…We also wanted to develop a story that put the art of perfumery and the craft of perfumers at the center of things.

What is it that separates Le Labo from its competitors? Why should people invest in your product?

Our perfumes are hand made, on order, and therefore we carry no stock. This doesn’t mean you can chose your own blend, but you leave with something that has been made just for you, with your own personalised label. It’s great to tell an interesting and unique story, but your perfumes and other products have to be as unique as the story you are saying. We believe our scents are what makes people come back to buy us.

What is your ‘Artists Defending The Cause’ project?

Friends that have been with us since the beginning wanted to participate in the brand’s story in some way, so they contributed to our brand with some of their own engaged stories that reflected their personalities.

Why is it that a fragrance can change slighty once sprayed on the body? Can it change depending on its wearer?

A fragrance is a dynamic and evolving mixture that will emanate differently depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, acidity, etc, hence the importance of wearing a scent before making the decision to
purchase it.

The most common places to spray perfume would be on the wrist and neck. Why is this? Are there better places?

Chanel used to say that you should put perfume on wherever you want to be kissed. That summarises it well. There is no common place – it can be the hair, clothing, neck or chest…

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