lelabo2How would you advise someone on buying a fragrance that is right for them?

Fortunately there aren’t any defined sets of rules for choosing your own scent. The only rule you should follow is to try a perfume on your skin for some time to make sure that it suits you. The rest is up to your emotions. You will know if it’s something that you want to wear, and when it’s something that suits your personality. It’s all intangible.

How often do you recommend changing your fragrances? Do you believe that people should have fragrances for day and night?

No – day or night, summer or winter, is all marketing segmentation. A scent should make you a happier person, make you feel better and that all depends on yourself.

How do you source your products and ingredients? Are they all natural?

Natural perfumery would mean developing scents in the same way (and with the same esthetic) as those done in the 20’s. Natural is not necessarily good and synthetic bad – this is a marketing debate that experts do not have, and that is best left to the press. Creative statements need new olfactive discoveries. Our products are made with the best and most expensive naturals and synthetics, sourced through perfumers from all parts of the world.

The fact your laboratory is open to the public is a big part of the general concept of what you do. Can you explain this philosophy and what that means to you?

We want people to see their perfume being made and then ask questions and educate themselves. It’s part of our global philosophy of authentic and credible products.

Sometimes you can smell something that instantly reminds you of a place or time in your life. Why do you think this is?

The sense of smell is the one that is the most intimately linked to our memory, hence the direct parallel. It’s due to the proximity in our brain of our smell and memory centers.

What’s your favorite fragrance at the moment?

Le Labo’s range of course, and I’m always testing the new scents of our future launches. I also wear Comme des Garcons a lot, Cologne de Mugler, and Givenchy Gentleman.

What can we expect to see in the future from Le Labo?

A new line of totally unique and exceptional packaging for our candles!


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