POST NEW‘s latest feature focuses on a day in the life of professional skateboarder Alex Olson.

“I first noticed Alex in NYC around 2004, I would see him hanging out with artists and skaters at Max Fish. I don’t ever remember seeing him with a skateboard, I just assumed he was one of those kids that skated a little between hanging out. The next time I saw Alex was in his video part in the Fully Flared skate video. It begins with a slam section set to the song pop corn, and then goes into one of my favorite parts of all time. He is bad ass on a skateboard. Over the last few years I have gotten to know Alex a bit more and seen him doing photos and art, making music and posting stuff to his blog. I remember seeing him last year and asking him if he was filming a new part, he said “this sounds sorta cheesy, but I have to be inspired to do a part, maybe it’s sort of like being an artist.” I liked his answer. This photo story was meant to loosely be an essay about ‘a day in the life for Alex’ and show off some places that are special to him in LA. I wanted to show him working on music and taking photos, but I didn’t want to control it too much. “

Get the whole interview here.