Ricky Saiz is somewhat of a D.I.Y. ideas man. Born in San Francisco, an affection for travel, music and film led him East to New York City, where he fell into the right creative-circles and has stayed for the past decade. A dead set attitude has taken the self-taught filmmaker down fresh and exciting paths, with Saiz ending up at Supreme Co. as their CO. head designer and concept driver; the mind behind larger brand ideas and collaborations. This eye for design has also seen him direct and art direct commercial spots for Nike and act as a consultant for Kanye West and the DONDA team. Recently, Saiz’s film career saw him direct the video for “Roach Cock”, the recently released single by friend and musician, Hanni El Khatib. POST NEW had a chat to Ricky earlier this month about his recent prolific endeavors and what inspires him to create. Check out the whole interview here.

Jack Smylie: Hi Ricky, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Ricky Saiz: I’m from San Francisco originally. I moved to New York with a couple of friends about ten years ago. My father is a piano player who works at a grocery store in the Bay Area and my mother is a grade school teacher.

JS: Was there a certain scene that drew you to NYC in the first place? Or entices you to stay?

RS: I think most anyone involved in the creative industry is naturally drawn to the history of this city, whether you’re an Architect, Ballerina or a Rapper. My father, being a jazz musician, always had a strong connection to the city- his two interests of travel were New York and New Mexico and as a kid I always tagged along. At an early age, these trips consequently led to my obsession with both New York and the South West. After high school all I really cared about was music and making art, so naturally New York seemed like the better fit.

JS: When did you make the decision to commit to filmmaking?

RS: Film and video-making has always been the goal, it just took me a while to return to it. I didn’t go to school, so I suppose I use my work experience with art and design as an alternate route to help shape my opinions and ideas as far as the types of films I would like to make. My relationship and approach to design is similar to my approach with film- they are both vehicles to tell a story or represent a point of view.

Working for Supreme has played a big role in encouraging and exploring focused ideas and simple execution. My video for Roach Cock started as a big production and in the end it came down to having a cool handful of strong references. I was working in Tokyo at the time I shot Roach Cock and got the idea for the video there. We filmed it handheld in one shot, only a few takes, very no big deal. The song is dirty and fast, some slick video wouldn’t have made sense.