The Chance is Nike’s amazing Soccer competition which see’s young players from all around the world compete to be given THE CHANCE to make it. We’ve profiled the 7 finalists of the US leg of the competition as they prepare for the final trails in Portland this month. The first, in no particular order, is Angel Gonzalez, a 20 year old Left Back from California. (Photography: Sol Neelman)

Angel Gonzalez


Left Back

Chula Vista, Ca

Club/School team you play for?
La Jolla Nomads, Eastlake HS, Southwestern College

Favorite Club:
Man United, Barcalona

Favorite Player:
Jordy Alba

Who’s been the biggest inspiration on your career thus far?
Dad and Mom, because they both supported my soccer career and have done everything to allow me to follow my dreams.

What music do you listen to – who are your favorite artists/bands?

What are you goals over the next year/season?
Make it to the Nike Chance World Finals and to become a professional.

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