Nike’s Soccer initiative THE CHANCE is giving up and coming young players from around the world the chance to make it big. Continuing our series which profiles the 7 finalists from the US leg of the competition, here’s a look at the latest: Brittney Gideon. (Photography: Shaniqwa Jarvis)

Brittney Gideon



Mililani, HI

Club/School team you play for?
Rush, Mililani HS

Favorite Club:
Colorado Rapids

Favorite Player:
Alex Morgan, Hope Solo

Who’s been the biggest inspiration on your career thus far?
Mom and Dad because they motivate her and very supportive.

What music do you listen to – who are your favorite artists/bands?
Everything; Pussy Cat Dolls, One Direction, Lil Wayne,

What are you goals over the next year/season?
Get a scholarship to play in college.