Glenn Kitson is a dear old friend of SLAMXHYPE. The Editor of The Rig Out Magazine amongst much more, a streetwear aficionado and a genuine football fan. In our latest ‘Creative World of Football’ interview, Glenn tells us more about his love of the game.

When did you first play or become interested in football/soccer?

Watching the Milk Cup final with my dad in 1983 

What position did you play?

In my youth team I played just behind centre forward (as I was the only one who would pass the ball). As I progressed, I played in Central defence.

Who did you support as a child? Do you still support that team now?

Bolton Wanderers.

Did you parents play a big role in your interest in the sport?

I suppose. My Dad followed Manchester UTD

Whats your finest memory of football (playing or watching)?

Scoring and overhead kick for my primary school when I was about 10.

Who was your idol growing up?

Brian Robson

Who do you think is the best player in the world today?

I know it’s an obvious choice but I like to watch Messi. For speed, centre of balance, the way he drops his shoulder and runs at defences. Amazing.

However, maybe not the best but Pirlo had an excellent tournament this summer. Shame about the final.

To answer the age old question… 

Maradona or Pele? 

Maradona, I was old enough to watch him live on the TV. But Pele will always have a special place – have you seen Escape To Victory? Probably the greatest football movie of all time. It won us a war.

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi (see above)

Whats been the biggest change in the sport since you were a kid?

Money, without a doubt. Whilst it may have made English football more exciting its took something from us in terms of aspiration, class and society. One upon a time lads could identify with those on the pitch, now the gap gets wider and wider. I don’t want to sound miserable but money has ruined the English game. The worse thing to happen to many team (including my home town, Bolton Wanderers) has been the sale of their old grounds to make way for glorified out of town shopping mall/stadiums. It rips the heart out of towns and damages communities. Football was always more than just business in Britain, it was culture, pride and history. It’s ancient.

Do you still play at all today? Where and when?

Not anymore! But don’t rule me out…

What were the biggest lessons you’ve learnt through football?

“No one likes us we don’t care”

Are there lessons or things you have learnt through playing or supporting football that you still use today in your current career?

The majority of my knowledge of brands, clothes and style has been stolen from listening, observing and appropriating bits from those on the peripheral fringes of football. I’ve never really been into fashion as such, I’ve always been into clothes and culture and the biggest influence I had growing up was the football scene. It still is, you can guarantee when I visit homr someone from back up north I’ll still get told to ‘sort my jeans out and wear some socks.’ They put me in my place.

I would just like to add my favourite goal of all time, please? –