2009 was a big year for menswear, and alot of that rests on the fact that menswear has become a trend within itself. This year saw the rise and rise of authenticity as a philosophy of design, and along with that came the resurgence of numerous heritage brands, not to mention a host of brands sharing the same philosophies of their forefathers. While heritage was the stand out trend amongst menswear through 2009, a selection of brands came to light in their effort to create what could be considered the complete opposite, creating something new for the future, the likes of Damir Doma and Rick Owens managed to reinvent menswear as it’s seen, without in anyway losing its sense of integrity and quality. 2009 was split between what was good about menswear and what is to become. In my opinion one of the stand out years in sometime on a number of different levels, and while we can all sit and find hate in the fact that our favoured staples of workwear garments have become trend driven, the fact is, we can’t possibly complain at what’s become available due to this.

While we have been careful not to rank our Top 10 picks from top to bottom, we have to admit our favouritism toward Adam Kimmel, its been said over and over that the New York based designer is the new Martin Margiela, we hate these sorts of comparison’s but one thing is obvious, the belgian and the young New Yorker share a similar philosophy in creating a timeless wardrobe from top to bottom, a wardrobe that will without doubt be just as wearable today as it is in 10 years.

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