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Aerosyn-Lex Makes Nike Store Shine With Artwork + New Collection

All you calligraphy fans out there are in luck. Calligrapher, designer, and creative-director Aerosyn-Lex has taken over the Nike pop-up at 340 Canal St. in …

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SCRIPTURA VITAE by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic – Trailer

New York-based artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic presents the trailer to his directorial debut, SCRIPTURA VITAE. Based on his own artwork and featuring original music by Diplo, …

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Aerosyn-Lex vs Playboy

Our friend Aerosyn-Lex Metrovic has recently posted his collaboration with photographer Jared Ryder’s most recent feature for Playboy Magazine. And it’s dope. (Considering Playboy is …

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Isaora Artist Series

In late December, Isaora had 13 artists take their white riding shells as canvases.  Now, a 10-day long eBay auction for each of these pieces …

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