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Jordan Brand enlists basically every celebrity to tip their hat to Derek Jeter in this clip.

To celebrate the final All-Star game of Derek Jeter, perhaps the only man still in the MLB not on some form of anabolic steroids, Jordan …

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Jordan Brand wastes no time, signs Jabari Parker.

Well damn. Jabari Parker hasn’t even been drafted to the NBA yet and he’s already been brought in to join the Jordan Brand family. The …

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Jordan Brand “Brazil” Pack

Read more about the release.  Jordan Brand “Brazil” Pack 

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WATCH X WITNESS Present Their Coverage Of The Jordan Brand Classic Competition. This Video Features Lots of Ballin’, Fighter Jets, And A Jadakiss Laugh

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch this year’s Jordan Brand Classic, the high school all-star basketball competition, don’t worry. We have you covered. Check out this …

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What Does This “Tailored For Flight” Teaser Trailer From Jordan Brand Mean?

Have a look at this video for “Tailored for Flight” from Jordan Brand.  To be honest, we don’t know exactly what it means, other than …

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The Jordan Brand Playoff Pack is A Slam Dunk

Jordan Brand is back with a super cool new range. The mostly black Playoff Pack reaches new heights thanks to the use of premium materials …

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Jordan Brand Announces Their First Ever Running Shoe

You loved them on the court, and now you’ll love them on the track. Jordan Brand has announced Flight Runner, their first ever running shoe …

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