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#ThrowbackThursday: Beyonce In 7 Stages

Today is undoubtedly a glorious day for many — their beloved Queen Bey has turned 33. Beyonce, and of course Jay-Z, both remain in the public …

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The Beyonce X Jay-Z “On The Run” HBO Trailer

Because seeing Jay-Z and Beyonce perform together in person is too much for some to handle, HBO will be airing footage of their tour as …

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The Beyonce X Jay Z “RUN” Trailer: Please Make This A Real Movie For The Good Of Society

Have a look at “RUN”, a new promotional video from Jay Z and Beyonce that, if nothing else, reminds people just how cool and powerful …

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Beyonce Is Very Attractive In The Official Video For “Pretty Hurts”

Have a look at the new video for “Pretty Hurts”  by Pop Goddess/Sexually-Chraged Android Beyonce. In the song, the singer rejects the crazy things women …

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Jay Z & Beyonce Recount Coachella Through Personal Photographs, And It Looks Like They Had An Amazing Time. Obviously.

Here is a candid look at Coachella from the eyes of Jay-Z and Beyonce, with the latter taking to her Tumblr page to share a series …

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Jay-Z and Beyonce May Go On Tour Together This Summer

Continuing their ongoing quest to constantly remind us they’re a married couple, rumors have surfaced that Beyonce and Jay-Z will be going on a stadium …

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Beyoncé Is Officially A MILF, Wears A Thongs For Her “Partition” Music Video

Whereas most people, after becoming a parent, turn down to public displays of ratchet sexuality, Beyoncé has gone in the complete opposite direction. If “Yoncé” or “Drunk …

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