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Get Nike’s Super Bowl 2014 Silver Speed Apparel At Kith NYC

After weeks of build up and with less than a week until the big XLVIII day, we can finally show you the full Nike 2014 …

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Nike 2014 “Silver Speed” Superbowl XLVIII Air Trainer Pack Is Liquid Metal For Your Feet

Take a look at the Nike 2014 “Silver Speed” Superbowl XLVIII Air Trainer Pack and make your life better. Consisting of three bold new designs, …

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Quiksilver Original Boardshorts’ SS14 Collection Is Way Righteous, Dude

If you’ve got even a passing interest in surfing heritage, you’re going to be stoked for Quiksilver Original Boardshorts‘ SS14 collection. A breakaway faction from the …

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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six/’Need For Speed’ Rally Car Obstacle Course [Video]

Rally car driver Ken Block hasn’t needed the money since 2004. That was the year Quicksilver bought the footwear imprint he co-founded, DC Shoes, for $87 …

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SlamXWeekly: Everything The Internet Says About Super Bowl XLVIII

The writers and editors at SlamXHype spend their whole lives on the Internet, so every week they put together SlamXWeekly, a round up of all the …

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SlamXStyle: Wear A Super Bowl Jersey Without Looking Like A Bro

There are two ways to wear a sports jersey: the wrong way and the right way. And with the Super Bowl, that great American holiday where …

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Nike 2014 Air Trainer 1 “Pro Bowl”

Nike’s Air Trainer 1 has made a welcome comeback over the past few months, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Stepping up in honor …

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