Having unveiled many new changes here at SlamxHype with the new look and ‘The New Order’, I thought I would compile a series of mini interviews with some influential friends. To start things off I have asked Paul Mittleman, Stussy’s Creative Director a few questions…

SlamxHype – Whats the best thing about the place you were born?
Paul Mittleman – I have lots of friends still there, and its NYC.

SXH – Whats your main consumer vice?
PM – Champagne and books

SXH – Which 3 people would you want to have dinner with, if you could eat with anyone?
PM – My family

SXH – Whats your favourite website not related to streetwear, art or fashion?
PM – Amazon

SXH – Best new fashion/streetwear brand of 2008?
PM – It has not dropped yet????

SXH – Best song thus far in 2008?
PM – Bad question

SXH – Best decade for music?
PM – I do not really think about decades or geometric passages of time.
These are bourgeois constructs that i am not interested in. Music and art move free outside of time and space, only joining when the subject fuses a moment. So no decade has been the best, but great art and music comes from many epochs.

SXH – Best decade for art?
PM – See above

SXH – Songs you consider to be timeless?
PM – All of them, i have an ipod. I now have more music than I will ever need in my pocket, and I am sure i will add more very soon.

SXH – What did you have for breakfast?
PM – Coffee and cold pizza