The people over at DEADLINE recently interviewed LoveMe AKA Curtis Kulig in honor of their recent collaboration together. From putting up his stickers and scrawling his name in various cities, to working with Ace Hotel and Nike Sportswear LoveMe has been keeping busy as of late.

DEADLINE: Do you think there’s something inherent about the phrase LoveMe that makes people pay attention?

Curtis Kulig: I mean…  The two words are obviously powerful and relate to most. The thing with LoveMe is that it relates to such a broad spectrum of people.  I think and hope it touches others in a positive way and that’s the cool and interesting aspect of it all for me. Unfortunately LoveMe touches a lot of graffiti writers and some people negatively at times also, which is a bummer, but I suppose something I can’t avoid.  For the record I have  never claimed to be a graffiti writer. I respect the graffiti game and my friends in it. I put my work out there because its something that I have been into since a young age and always liked to do, the rest is out of my hands.  Take it as you will, say what you want, love it or hate it.  I am just trying to stay happy and enjoy my life like everyone else.

DEADLINE: Do you think there Is a connection between your photography and your art?

CK: My photography and my art are both honest creative outlets, each requiring entirely different skill sets. With photography I am documenting my life and the people around me. I usually like to shoot natural situations with natural lighting. It’s comfortable for me to shoot friends acting how they act going about their business, that’s what catches my eye and my interest rather than trying to get someone to act a certain way, I’m not a mood setter. When I am painting or creating art objects I am looking within myself rather than at others. I guess creating art requires so much solitude that I enjoy bouncing back and forth to the photography to keep me on point.

DEADLINE: LoveMe is a name that worked out to be perfect for the cross-over between art and commerce, which is how I think a lot of younger generation is being exposed or actually being interested in art. Do you think there’s a point where it stops being art and is full on consumerism?

CK: I think were living in time where art is consumerism, but who am I to say. What is consumerism what is art…To me its an art to wake up, brush your teeth, take a piss, drink your coffee, smoke a cigarette. Where and when does it end?? I like when people enjoy my “art” but to consume is somewhat irrelevant to me I guess. If that makes sense.

DEADLINE: The Ace Hotel installation you did is very cool, it is your art almost invading someones personal space. How do you feel about projects like that?

CK: I enjoy installations and the process from point a to b, and I have done a bunch since the ACE Hotel. These installations usually turn into a few day project where homies are stopping by to visit, put their two cents in, share a laugh, it’s always an enjoyable time for me.  Its a break from studio work and computers and shit like that, which we all get stuck on for the day to day.  I like invading spaces, it goes back to the origins of tagging and working outside on unique walls or settings.

DEADLINE: As a photographer, are you more strategic with your sticker placement in terms of where you want people to see it and how it interacts with their environment?

CK: For sure.  I am definitely particular about my placements.  Almost obsessive, especially with making sure everything is properly stuck.  I’ve taken my own work down before, because I didn’t like how I put it up.  My spots are random though, depends how I’m feeling that day.  Often it can just be the path I walk or where ever the day takes me.

DEADLINE: Do you think you’d ever mass produce your stickers for the public?

CK: Not necessarily.  I’ve been pretty good about keeping them for people that I want to have them.  Or mailing them out to people who’ve requested them.  However, I don’t want to sell them really, or anything like that… Unless Jumanji is on a bus making money to survive!! (laughter).

DEADLINE: You recently did that bronze sculpture, what other mediums are you interested in exploring?

CK: I’m working with lots of metals, resin, plastic, and wax.  It never ends with different mediums and I love to explore all the options out there and try to create something unique to my style in the process.

DEADLINE: What are your goals for 2011?

CK: Just trying to keep moving forward. Put up the blockers, Zone out the fucks and keep doing my work and what I like to do. //

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