Very seldom do we come across an audio interview that we find engaging, but when it is as comedic and insightful as Noirfancy’s latest venture into a podcast interview series entitled “That’s not me, bro,” we cant help but be huge fans. For the first episode, Noirfancy gets together with Union Los Angeles owner, Chris Gibbs. While the lengthy interview is driven by Noirfancy’s uncut, yet authentic personality, we get great insight from Mr. Gibbs on a great deal of the brand’s history, its growth, and his start and personal involvement with one of streetwear’s pioneering names in the industry. The audio does carry many characteristics of an interview, but the dialogue between the two seems more like a natural conversation between friends which leaves us patiently awaiting the next episode.

That’s not me BRO-Pilot Episode: CHRIS GIBBS by thatsnotmeBRO

SOURCE: That’s not me, Bro