Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have just announced that their upcoming wedding will take place on Saturday May 24, 2014. And while the media endlessly speculates about Kim’s dress, I’m more interested in what Kanye is planning to wear on his day of matrimony. After all, since our fashion choices often reflect our state of mind, maybe it will give some insight into Kanye West the husband.

Basically, what ‘Ye wears to his nuptials says a lot about what kind of husband he’ll be.

Let’s Review:

The Husband of The Year

Kanye Suit

You may choose Saint Laurent over Tom Ford, but a classic black tuxedo tells the world that you plan to take a page from the Jay Z marriage book.

The Self Promotion Machine

Kanye Sweats

Even though you’re unsure about marriage, you’re going through with it to continue to promote your various fashion collaborations.

The Yeezus 

Kanye Angel

No woman can clip the wings of a god.

The Saudi Prince 

Kanye Face Mask

You may not be the heir to a Saudi oil fortune, but you want to be treated like one.

The Bill Cosby 

Kanye 70's

You plan to leave your bachelor’s life behind to become a funny family man with a litter of crazy kids.

The Cuban Playboy

Kanye Cuba

You know the marriage will last no more than a year so… YOLO.