A Silent Flute - Runway

What Nat at A Silent Flute has been doing for the past 5 years has not gone unnoticed by us. Simply put he may fly under the radar to many but his talents are far reaching and true. His latest mixes have been some of the best and more inspirational pieces to date, with “Runway” sparking this post. An eclectic mix of 80’s electronic, pop, romanticism, but definitely not the type of music those genre’s produce today. An eerie sound that’s very emotional something that seems to be lacking from the production of today.


Hajime Tachibana “Theme from Nihon No Sugao”
Sting “Be Still My Beating Heart”
Rita e Roberto “Vitima”
David Sylvian “Red Guitar”
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Risky”
Sade “Hang On To Your Love”
Linda Di Franco “TV Scene”
Playgroup “Going Overdrawn”
Jah Wobble “East”
David Sylvian “Bamboo Houses”

A Silent Flute – “Runway”