The Anna trilogy is a print and audio series commissioned and curated by blackmaps press. Inspired by the fantastical visions and otherworldly vagaries of childhood, the trilogy taps into the ink black spells of vintage children’s books and the macabre resonance of ancient folk tales.

‘Anna & The Juniper Dog’ is the second book in the ‘Anna’ trilogy and follows the acclaimed ‘Anna & the Witch’s Bottle’. Featuring Geoff Cox’s surrealist prose and Rohan Daniel Eason’s exquisite pen and ink illustrations, the book is designed by the La Boca studio and presented with an exclusive soundtrack of minimalist compositions by Martin Roman Rebelski of Doves.

Issued by blackmaps press in a highly collectable first edition of 600 cloth bound copies, ‘Anna & The Juniper Dog’ echoes the ink dark magic of the strangest fairy tales and is a cult classic to be filed alongside the work of Edward Gorey, Arthur Rackham and Lewis Carroll.

The book is now available to order online from the blackmaps website and you excerpts of the soundtrack can be streamed from here.

Photos courtesy of Keiichi Nitta Studio.

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