Following on from the acclaimed 2009 first edition of Anna & The Witch’s Bottle, Anna & The Juniper Dog continues with its exquisitely stylized illustration, highly imaginative text and haunting musical soundtrack as Anna journeys further into the overgrowth and underbrush of places existing only in the mind.

Assembled by author, illustrator, composer, and publisher, entirely out of a passion for books, beauty and the imagination, these very special volumes are, like an instance of dejá vu, reminiscent of tales from long-ago.  Recalling at times the frightening imagination of Victorian children’s stories…Lewis Carroll and Guillermo del Torro…and the illustrative quality of Rackham or Edward Gorey, Anna & the Juniper Dog is a book, as much for adults as it is for children.

Second in this very original trilogy, the story explores a macabre yet beguiling dreamscape, rich with hallucinatory themes and hermetic imagery.  Fantasy, horror, fairytale, myth, and magic…Anna, along with her counterpart ‘The Boy’ journey on a slipstream of eerie echos and mercurial drift inhabited by theriathrope creatures and fusty humanoids.  Combining baroque richness with simplicity and elegance, the Anna books are beautifully produced and presented with a soundtrack cd of original piano and string compositions by Martin Rebelski.

A modern-age classic, ‘Anna &The Juniper Dog’ is a rare gem for collectors and readers alike.

The Anna Trilogy is a print and audio work of fiction commissioned and curated by arthouse press and record label, blackmaps. It was inspired by the fantastical visions and otherworldly vagaries of childhood. The trilogy taps into the ink black work found in vintage children’s books and there is the macabre resonance of ancient folk tales. Featuring the extraordinary writing of Geoff Cox and exquisite pen and ink illustrations by Rohan Daniel Eason, each book is complemented by piano and string compositions scored by Martin Roman Rebelski (Doves).  The volumes are presented in meticulous cloth bound limited editions designed by the La Boca studio.

The first installment, Anna & the Witch’s Bottle was printed in a limited first edition of 300, was an immediate sell-out and has become a coveted collector’s item.