40th birthday parties should be pretty special, and they don’t come any more special than the recent 40th anniversary celebrations for New York’s Anthology Film Archives who put together a sterling line up in honour of the experimental cinema and the legendary film maker and occultist Kenneth Anger, which included the Virgins, slamxhype favourites Sonic Youth and a special noise set from Lou Reed.

The not for profit cinema and film archive has been pioneering avant garde films in New York’s East Village since the 1970s and last week they held a party at the city’s Hiro Ballroom which featured one of the best line-ups of any event I have ever seen.  I am absolutely gutted that I couldn’t attend!! Hosted by guest of honour Kenneth Anger it saw a series of performers soundtracking a movie of their choice from the  Anthology Film Archives.

First up was Technicolor Skulls, Anger’s rock band played to his Lucifer Rising movie, while the Virgins played to the sight of Maya Deren’s The Very Eye of Night; Sonic Youth to Jonas Mekas’ Walden (Diaries, Notes, and Sketches) and a very special performance by the Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed to Maya Deren’s Meditations on Violence.

An amazing one-off.  Check out the pictures and videos from the events and let us know below if you were lucky enough to attend.

Source: Opening Ceremony