The Beastie Boys newest album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2, just around the corner – with it comes all the hype you’d expect and the release of this new video for the single “Make Some Noise.”  The boys enlists a comedy all-star crew to fill in for the original cast of Beasties, calling on the likes of Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride aka Kenny Powers. Additional cameos are sprinkled through the video as well, with the likes of Will Farrell and Will Arnett amongst the many more. The video takes place after a party and follows the boys wreak havoc throughout the city streets. Hitting the liquor store after hours, hitching rides in limousines, and encountering their future-selfs hopping out of DeLoreans. The video has it all and you can expect album to release on May 3rd. Enjoy!