Usually around SLAMXHYPE when you see the name Blu its in reference to the Italian street artist but in this case we speaking about the extremely talented MC from Los Angeles. For those who aren’t familiar he may very well be your favorite band / producer / rapper / singer’s favorite rapper. The man has produced a body of work that is as progressive as it is nostalgic, harking back to classic hip hop yet with a very much present and forward thinking style that is refreshing. “DOINNOTHIN”, from Blu’s NoYork! album is the perfect example of this blending of classic with progressive as U-God from Wu tang rides along Blu over a Flying Lotus track that is equally as psychedelic as the accompanying visual from director David Helman. Watch and enjoy if not for the music alone; for the visual trip you mind will be taken on.

One Response

  1. Andre Lowe

    The song is OK. I’m more impressed with the visuals. The vid, with the psychedelic animation, kinda reminds me of an old Deelite or Tribe Called Quest video.