The legendary Bob Dylan has been added to the artist roster at Gagosian Gallery with a show planned for September. News of the show has been made official but word has it that Dylan has already been selling paintings with great success, and Gagosian is merely his next stop.

The below was posted on facebook this week:

“Here’s a treat. Dylan has recently been quietly added to the Gagosian website. These are three previosuly onseen images of new paintings on canvas. Words has it Larry Gagosian has already been selling works for a forthcoming exhibitions by Dylan, but of course I’m not going to confirm that right?”

And the Facebook page attributed to The Band echoes the news. In a post late last year advertising the sale of the Dylan painting the group used on the cover of their 1968 album Music from Big Pink — apparently priced at $18 million — The Band writes that “bob still owns the painting and is selling it. he’s doing an art show with the gagosian gallery.”

Dylan has been a visual artist for decades, but has only recently begun exhibiting his works. The first time was in 2007, when he debuted a collection of watercolors and drawings, The Drawn Blank Series, at the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz in Germany, which later traveled to London’s Halcyon Gallery [see Charlie Finch, “How He Paints His Masterpiece”]. Earlier this year he unveiled The Brazil Series at the National Gallery of Denmark. So if the next stop is Gagosian, he’s not doing so bad.”