The whole world has their eyes on the South Island city of New Zealand, Christchurch, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the city, and all those affected by the huge disaster. People from all around the world have been affected by this disaster and being here in New Zealand at the moment, I have seen first hand just how wide an event like this can spread. While the Search and Rescue efforts continue for victims from all over the world, and Search and Rescue teams continue to arrive from the US, UK, Japan, Australia and more, the people of Christchurch deal with not only the loss of lives, and loved ones, but their homes, a lack of power, water and so much more, you can only imagine the further issues that come with those scenarios. The country of New Zealand needs all the help we can give. Please donate through the Red Cross to help where you can, it all adds up, and for me being so close to this, it makes me second guess where our money should be going, perhaps instead of the shirt or shoes you planned to buy this week, there’s a better cause right now.

Go to the Red Cross Appeal to Donate.