Downloading music may be easier and CDs may offer a better quality of sound but for me the best way to consume music has, and always will be vinyl.  From the size and feel of records, to the warm analogue sound and the amazing cover artwork it cant be beaten.

A record label which obviously agrees with me is AI Records, founded in 1999 with a mission to create high end electronic music in the vein of the classic sounds of vintage Detroit/Transmat/Warp/Skam, their limited edition vinyl records are highly collectable not only because they are one of the best modern electronica labels, but also because they go to great lengths to ensure that their vinyl and its packing lives up to the high standards they have set for their music.

They have outdone themselves for their latest release though. To celebrate 10 years of AI records they are issuing a limited edition picture disc featuring AI artists remixing their favourite track from their first ever release, the Experiments in Colour EP.  The disc will features specially commissioned artwork by Dalek inspired by the music and which spans the whole vinyl.

Released this month, only 200 are being produced so they are highly limited.  If you would like to get hold of one visit the AI website and register your interest now – good luck!