Damien Hirst for The Hours

Damien Hirst has not only contributed art work to The Hours 2001 album ‘Narcissus Road’ but also to their latest EP and single ‘See the Light’, not to mention teaming up with ‘American History X’ Director Tony Kaye to Art Direct their video to the single too. Which we can’t help but mention also includes Sienna Miller. Hirst must be a fan, as he’s even created a new record label to promote The Hours music entitled ‘Is Good’. Check out the video after the jump.Its not the first time Hirst has been involved in music video’s, his most famous being the direction of Britpopper’s Blur’s ‘Country House’ video. I heard today Blur are reforming, perhaps Hirst will continue his role with the band?


Thanks to Supertouch for the info.