I must add a small disclaimer before I write this post. I have recently became a Gucci Mane supporter after a recent interview he gave before his latest incarceration bid. His story, frighteningly genuine and yet relatable, spoke to me and I quickly found myself scrambling to catch up on the music the man has feverously put out in between his “rehabilitation” stints.

Now the music, the man behind Mad Decent and avid support of Gucci Mane, Diplo, surely wasn’t going to let the recent work of Gucci go by the wayside as he went up north for a bit. With help from a interesting support cast including Flying Lotus, Zomby, Memory Tapes, and EMYND, the “Best of  the Cold War Mixtapes” was brought to life, as some of Gucci’s work was given a new sound bringing his name into even more household. While others might not appreciate the re-workings, as a new Gucci listener they work for me and hearing Flying Lotus’ interpretation of anything isn’t a bad look. Listen, decide for yourself, and Free Gucci BURRR.


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    You a Gucci groupie my friend and im a Prada G (Prodigy)