Kostas Seremetis is at it again, this time creating a unique piece of work for the cover of the latest album from DUB TRIO. Below is a segment about the band featured on The New York Times that astutely sums up the band, while in my opinion the album cover will become a collectors item one day.

“The dense, heavy-gauge sound of “IV” (Roir), the fourth album by Dub Trio, could be taken as a sign that the band has shed its dub reggae obsession in favor of full-throttle instrumental metal. That would be wrong of course. The band — Dave Holmes on guitar, Stu Brooks on bass, Joe Tomino on drums — has lately been touring as the backing unit for Matisyahu, the Hasidic reggae singer, and some tunes on the album, notably “Ends Justify the Means,” adopt an idiomatic low-frequency wobble. But “Patient Zero” and “Swarm” do flirt meaningfully with thrash metal; “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind” periodically disrupts a creeping groove with bursts of distortion. Aside from the prepared-piano tinkering on a track called “1:1.618,” this album actually represents a stylistic entrenchment. The music, as dark and viscous as a tar pit, once again insists that dub is more a process than a style. Dub Trio will take the message across the country through much of next month, arriving at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday.”