London’s The Vinyl Factory  has brought together Grace Jones and the groundbreaking light artist Chris Levine for a special collaboration “Stillness at the speed of light” at their gallery in Soho.

Jones is perhaps one of the most striking artists to emerge from Jamaica, and sums up the freedom, expression and danger of the late 70s/early 80s music scene encapsulating the danger, excitement and glamour of punk, disco, reggae and funk in an often controversial career which has seen her, not only make some of my favourite music of all time, but become a close friend of Andy Warhol, star in a James Bond film and become a global fashion icon who paved the way for the career of ballsy female artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga.

She is still making modern, futuristic music today and “Stillness at the speed of light” has been created to launch her music video ‘Love You To Life’ which has been directed by Levine.

Levine, renowned for his 3D and still images of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, has created a series of 3D holographic portraits of the legendary pop icon. An immersive multimedia affair featuring lightboxes, lazers, video and a specially-commissioned ’soundscape’, The Vinyl Factory show – Stillness at the Speed of Light – showcases the “extraordinary alchemy” between the two artists.

The exhibition runs until 14th May. Fore more info about the show and to get an exclusive preview of the moving artworks on display click here!