If death looked any cuter, I’d want to die tomorrow…

The newest music video for artist Hanni El Khatib’s latest single, ‘Come Alive’,  directed by Simon Cahn (the man behind the Scott Campbell LV videoes) & Ricky Saiz, makes you wish you were rolling around town with the Grim Reaper fucking things up in black and white.

Making her acting debut as the Reaper is  Badass #1,  Nova aka SuperNova, daughter of Adidas Creative Director Paul Mittleman and artist Reggie Casagrande.

Nothing like going around slapping drinks off tables, shoving adults, and just wreaking absolute havoc at the tender age of 10 to prepare yourself  for the real world.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9KeUiAuByk&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]