With mothers day around the corner one of the most revered and respected mothers seemed the perfect subject of a memoir based on her son the late J Dilla. Since his passing Dilla has continued to command an onmipotent presence within the music industry, yet little is still known of his upbringing and early years. The Ma Dukes feature allows her to tell the story of a young Dilla as she elaborates on some of her fondest memories. For any Dilla follower or hip hop lover for that matter this reading is not only insightful, but emotional and dearing.

Excerpt from Article:

“He was very unusual as a kid. The reason I say ‘unusual’ is because I had two boys in the house. One played with cars and trucks and Legos. And then there was Dilla, who had nothing but records and records and more records. He never asked for any toys. They didn’t interest him. He would play with his brother maybe for a half-hour or so — he would give him a half-hour of his time. After that half-hour he just didn’t have tolerance for the toys and the games: it would be back to the turntable.

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