On May 9th a special benefit concert will take place at one of New Yorks hottest night spots ,”The Bowery Electric” (327 bowery at 2nd street. Tickets $50 & $30 for struggling artists) The Cult singer will be hitting the stage with his new project “the soft revolt” to raise money for the “apollonia players” production of john patrick shanley’s “savage in limbo”… John patrick shanley is best known as a play write  and director most recently for the movie “doubt” (meryl streep,philip seymour hoffman ) which he wrote and directed…..the cast is made up of actors from larry moss’s nyc acting class alumni…larry moss is the most coveted acting teacher working in the world today having guided such luminaries as leonardo di caprio,hilary swank,tobey mcquire  and helen hunt. It was larry moss’s suggestion that cast members apolla echino and adina verson put up a production of the play and so to those ends the cast and production crew have put together this unique event….the “bowery electric” will be hosting a run of the play from june 12 th to the 28 th …the play is set in a seedy neighborhood bar in the bronx “savage in limbo” revolves around a group of regulars seeking relief from the tedium of the outside world. “savage in limbo is the product of new york in its most savage ,untamed state” says astbury. In the spirit of the play we have turned to the original hunting grounds of that animal the bowery,a cultural revolt in this time of creative impotence!” 

Backstage magazine in its review of the play lauded “john patrick shanley has written an often searing ,existential and dramatically compelling work dealing with our search for roots and purpose in an often purposeless world”   

Ian astbury is a cultural savant the lead singer and songwriter of alt rock band “the cult” (2o million albums sold) he was the principal architect of the “gathering of the tribes festival” the blueprint for lollapalooza and everything else that came after it…he also performed 150 concerts with the reformed ” doors” from 02/07.he also wrote and performed 2 songs on the recent “unkle” album “war stories” astbury is involved in human rights activity (tibet,darfur,native american issues) he is also producing a documentary film “conquest” with “lorna lavelle” (alexander mcqueen,vivienne westwood,the man from unkle) and directing a short film “ruins” with danny drysdale (the killers)

He appears on the cover of the current issue of “the new order” and is in the studio recording a new “cult” project as well as material for “the soft revolt” astbury  also designs clothing and has a line “nousdefions”  sold principally in japan.he did a collection for neighborhood in 2007. Also writes and produces street zine “sissy boy” and is on the board of directors for “spin earth”………  

The bowery electric is run by jesse malin and johnny t (niagra,coney island high,the cabin) and has been a mainstay for local and touring musicians and artists alike. Located one block from cbgb’s /john varvados and the morrison gallery and bowery hotel….this is the prime location for such a production…this is  a collective and creative endeavor  by all ,the bar,the actors and musicians have banded together to bring arts back to the bowery and hope to raise money for the play and awareness for the arts in new york city.