Continuing their work with both the J Dilla Estate as well as Serato Stones Throw has stepped in to facilitate the creative of Donut Shop, a package meant for any Hip Hop Serato user who has anything produced by the late producer in their libraries, and that should be all of them. The multiple piece set features a total of 6 unreleased Dilla instrumentals with 3  being of the completely unreleased variety hand selected by J. Rocc. As if the notion of more Dilla music wasn’t enough, Studio No.1 was enlisted to create great packaging with donut illustrations used through-out, including Donut slipmats. Currently on pre-release order status the complete set has a release date set for May 10th.

One of the unreleased tracks available from Donut Shop is the J. Dilla remake of the Men without Hats classic, I’m not sure if I should even refer to it as that, ” Safety Dance”. It may seem a bit strange to hear such a prolific Hip Hop producer take a stab at such a overly cheery song, but knowing a bit about the catalog of Dilla will tell you the man loved a challenge, and what he could do with the most unexpected of material left many in amazement. So we present to you  J Dilla – “Safety Dance” as a prelude to Donut Shop.


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