As a musician, record label owner, global DJ and producer James Murphy is a pretty busy guy, yet he has still found time to score his first soundtrack, for the latest Ben Stiller move “Greenberg”.

From Noah Baumbach, the director “The squid and the whale”, Greenberg sees Stiller go for indie cred in this Woody Allen-esque tale of a curmudgeonly New Yorker.  The movie’s script was inspired by Murphy’s song for LCD Soundsystem “New York I love you, but your bringing me down”, so it only seemed natural that Baumbach should ask him to create the soundtrack to compliment it.

James Murphy is one of the hottest musical names to come out of New York in over a decade, his work with LCD Soundsystem and his record label DFA, not to mention his DJ sets and production work have redefined the city’s musical heritage and turned him into one of the hippest names to drop in any self respecting musical circle.  Not bad for a self confessed “fat man in a t-shirt”.

Murphy and LCD Soundsystem are definitely one of our favourites here at slamxhype, and whilst the “Greenberg” OST focuses on the subtler side of his production, it certainly doesn’t disappoint, with it’s 70s FM rock vibe that takes in Bowie and the Beach Boys as well as indie dream pop elements of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Galaxie 500. If you are a fan of groups like MGMT and Phoenix we are pretty sure that your going to love it too!

The “Greenberg” OST is available now and the new LCD Soundsystem album hits stores in May.

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