As the mystery behind the band Japanese Cartoon continues to unravel more and more music is being released under the moniker. SLAMXHYPE’s Le Messie has been tagged as a contributor to the punk influenced band, and Lupe Fiasco’s involvement has yet to be full explained. No one can pinpoint what exactly is at work behind the scenes of the band but one thing thats for sure is the music has taken a life of its own. “Crowd Participation” is the latest of these mysterious releases and see the band take on a pseudo punk/ u.n.k.l.e sound to carry out their heavily political message. There is a soon to be released website,, dedicated to the band in which more information will be released about the debut release “In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death” as well as a limited releases of the bands Trilly & Trully collaborative t-shirts.

Lupe Fiasco