Japanese Cartoon has become this mythical project with speculations based on the bands on and off again confirmed members list to weather an full length project would ever surface, and what would said project sound like. Well after much doubt the band known as Japanese Cartoon, featuring SlamxHype family Le Messie of False Brand and Lupe Fiasco, with a guest appearance made Ian Astbury (The New Order Issue 1), have released their debaut full length project “In The Jaws of the Lords of Death” for free via their All Sabatage site. The project itself is a bit of a anomaly as it sound isn’t anything close to what your casual Lupe Fiasco fan would be familiar with. Heavy punk, indy rock with political under tones steer the albums content,  rebellious brash and through provoking all in on breath. All in all a great project which many may be steered away from but  in this day and age its refreshing to see a stance taken and played its coarse  as this album surely does; a job well done.

01. JAWS
02. All Sabotage!!! (STSO)
03. Heirplanes
04. Beijing
05. Crowd Participation
06. Firing Squad
07. You Are Here
08. ARMY
09. Gasp

Japanese Cartoon – ‘In The Jaws of The Lord of Death’

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