When Jaylib’s Champion Sound released in 2003 I remember hearing about this promo 45 that was floating around that was mixed by the third member of Jaylib J Rocc but wasn’t released to the public. The Jaylib vs. J Rocc set featured track from Dilla, Madlib and Jaylib as a whole as well as the influences of the group giving insight into teams make up. The Promo 45 went as far as including photography from renown artist B+ who we had a chance to spoke to in Issue 3 of The New Order. With Dilla Month upon us the good folks at Stones Throw decided to bless us regular folks with this promo mix in all of its glory. A shade under 30 minutes J Rocc cleverly explores Dilla’s and Madlib’s catalogs while introducing the new sound which in 2003 was one of the greatest pieces of true hip-hop to release. With 2003 long gone and Dilla’s passing its fitting to see such a tragic lost tributed by one of the greatest compilations of his work with some of his closest friends come to light.

Jaylib Vs. J Rocc

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