We have featured the music of Jesse Boykins III at SLAMXHYPE a few times but never have we been presented his work with such visuals provided by the Street Etiquette team. Joshua Kissi makes his directorial debut, choosing “Light to Dark” from Jesse’s Way of the Wayfarer EP as the soundscape for his experimental efforts. Joshua explains the process as such. “What I found interesting was that despite preparing 100% for a shot, we would sometimes get unintended results. I learned an important lesson about planning but leaving room for growth and creativity. I’m not saying all of this from my comfortable director‘s chair with “Spielberg” etched on the back, I’m just saying that if you are inspired to do something, embark on it and you may never know where that path will lead you”. A new left has turned for the Street Etiquette boys as their first effort provides a great foundation for much much growth.