The way Justice burst upon the scene with the release of 2007’s †, the duo vehemently left their stamp upon the electro music scene that immediately sent shock waves that have been rumbling since. With their footing not securely placed and with the world rabid for even just a peep of their grimy / electro / disco sound, it is with perfect timing that “Audio, Video, Disco” their sophomore release will be unleashed upon the world. Ed Banger head Busy P has previewed choice tracks from the upcoming release in his latest sets and its clear that their won’t be any hiccups or jinx’s for Justice. The album revisiting the monstrous sounds of 1970’s area rock with the addition of the massively brash stylings of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. Think Queen meets Justice’s “Waters of Nazareth”. Oct 25th shall bring a bit of excitement to the electro scene which has died down in the wake of the raise of dubstep.