My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy easily became one of my top albums of 2010. Sonically it really pushed Kanye into a new place as an artist, and as a whole the album really showcased a maturation of a man and artist that has learned from notorious run in the spotlight. For what it is worth I felt it was exactly what Kanye needed to release at the right time. With the process of every artist endeavor into the formation of an LP or EP there will inevitably be causality to tracks that just didn’t fit the collective mood of the project. “Eyes Closed” represents such a causality. Jimmy Spicer’s “Money” provides the foundation for Kanye to masterfully build upon such a classic Hip-Hop sample in a just manner. An Introspective Kanye once again gives in and provides a glimpse into his life and his thoughts on all that has happened to him, the rumors, the truths, and the lies. It’s telling when a track from the scrap pile can live up to music found on some artist album.