While I’m sure most of you have seen our post below showing the new much anticipated music video of Kanye West’s Power Single, by Marco Brambilla, this is the version you will not see on MTV. There are notable differences and again show the amazing creative talent of Brambilla.

6 Responses

  1. Ena Nic

    While I like the clean version that was made so it could air on television, I prefer the artist's cut far more. The visuals really create that of a painting come to life and it forces the viewers to really look at each aspect of the video. Moreover, without the quick cutting movements in the clean version, it makes me want to watch this video over and over again. Another absolutely stunning and mentally stimulating piece from Brambilla. Bravo.

  2. JEK

    this is definitely the proper way to watch power! so much better than the version on MTV!

  3. Xander

    Not so keen on the song but the video is brilliant. Really want to see the full version.