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Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, a young Bret Easton Ellis became the voice of youth counterculture, distilling the drug-soaked nihilism he saw through Downtown New York and Los Angeles into novels and films like Less Than Zero and The Rules of Attraction.

To kick off his new podcast series, Ellis has tapped one of the new leaders of the young, cool kid pack: Kanye West.

The two met back in June during the Yeezus promotion rush, when Kanye asked Ellis’ permission to film a redux of a classic scene from his American Psycho film. West then re-cut the trailer for Ellis’ newest film The Canyons.

In the hour-and-change long program, host and guest trade observations on youth culture, the magic of film, and, of all things, binge watching Breaking Bad with Kim Kardashian.

Listen on Podcast One.


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